The Last Clown (Color Version), 2001
Animation, color, sound, 1:30 min., loop

An art critic strolling in a park is so absorbed in his own thoughts that he trips over a dog's tail and dramatically collapses on the tarmac. The farcical tone of the animation does not so much ruminate on this tragicomic anecdote as ponder on the relationship between ridicule and cultural production: art has become 'a dangerous form of enigmatic amusement', where artists, critics and curators operate as entertainers and intellectual acrobats, whose share of visibility relies in great part on the audience's expectation of their downfall. The tenuous border between innovation and derision, and the kinship of cutting-edge practitioners and esoteric jesters, is contained in this account of how the institution of art moves so comfortably between pomposity and populism.

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