The Visitors
Somewhere Now. Sky Cells. Flood of Thought. Untouchables., 2013
Basel, Wald, Aarburg, New York, Köln, Düsseldorf, Dublin, Siegen.
Invisible Paintings, Installation and Performance,
Nature, Insects, Humidity, Sweat, Tears, Dust, Smell, Fire, Earth, Water,
Brainwaves, Thought, Light, Air, Pleasure, Pain, Fear, Music, Sound,
Echoes, Memory, Talk, Love, Live, Death and the Unknown.
Some are Lost and have found Freedom.
Various techniques on different materials and sizes in unexpected places.
Over 12'000 invisible images.
Music: Hans Witschi
1 Slate on folded raw canvas
Slate: 30 x 42 x 0.8 cm
Canvas folded: 37 x 52 cm (unfolded: 157 x 310 cm)

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