Los Suicidas del Sisga No 1 (The Suicides of Sisga No 1), 1965
Oil on canvas
120 x 100 cm (47 1/4 x 39 3/8 in.)
Photo: Óscar Monsalve

In the 1960‘s the press starts to be of vital importance to Beatriz González work, as she collects images from scandal sheets and advertisements as substantial source for her thematic remakes. She likes to „start from something that already existed“, as she states: a graphic referent, a print, filtering it through a creative process. Political leaders like governors and royals, celebrities, but also victims of passion crimes are the protagonists of her compositions by then. Her iconic work "The Suicides of the Sisga" was based on the picture of a young couple, published in a local newspaper, after they committed suicide. The couple had that picture taken to be sent to their relatives and then jumped off a bridge in the Reservoir of the river Sisga. The man was hunted by the idea, that everything in life was a sin and the only way to protect his girlfriend and the purity of their love was by killing themselves. But rather then the story itself it was the poor quality of the picture and the derisive nature of the ‘news in brief’ stories that inspired González.

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