The Game of Tag, 1999
Single channel video, projection or monitor, 4.25 min., color, sound
Ed. of 3 (+1 AP +1 EP)

The film shows a group of men and women of various ages. The action takes place in two rooms. One of these is the gas chamber of a former Nazi death camp. People were killed here using Zyklon-B, and yellowish-blueish stains left by the gas can still be seen on the walls. The actors are naked and are playing. At first they are ambarrassed by the situation and feel cold, but they gradually become more and more animated. Zmijewski: "Sometimes as they play they hurt each other by hitting too hard; someetimes the whole thing becomes highly erotic. Some feel overcome with shame, while others laugh and play, completely relaxed." The artist emphasized the almost therapeutic character of the situation. Certain events from the Nazi era were repeated, with only the ending changed: "Visually, there was a strong similarity between the two situations. But this time nothing bad happened. Instead of tragedy, we're watching innocent, childish play. This resembles a clinical situation in psychotherapy. You return to the traumas that brought about your complex. You recreate them, almost like in theatre."

(If it happened only once it’s as if it never happened, Kunsthalle Basel, 2005, exhibition catalogue, p. 152)

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