Me and Aids / Ich und Aids, 1996
Single channel video, projection or monitor, 3.30 min., color, sound
Ed. of 3 (+1 AP +1 EP)

Three people - a woman and two men (Eliza Twaróg, Mariusz Maciejewski, and the author himself) - perform a painful ritual: time after time, they violently slam into each other. Their naked bodies are directly exposed to pain. Slow-motion makes the bodies look as if they are shaking like jelly. Zmijewski said that the most important event in this film was the collision of two people, reminding us of the dangers of life, especially those related to sex.
'Two men start running towards one other. They collide violently, with a thump. Another run, another collision, bang... They fall over. Now the two men slam into a woman. Another loud thud. Well, encounters with others can be painful.' Here a fatal illness becomes the physiological equivalent of an existential drama. (If it happened only once it's as if it never happened, Kunsthalle Bsel, 2005, exhibition catalogue, p. 188)

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