The Singing Lesson 1 / Gesangsstunde 1, 2001
Single channel video, projection or monitor, 14 min., color, sound
Ed. of 3 (+ 1 AP + 1 EP)

A group of young people - students from the Warsaw Iinstitute for Deaf-Mutes - performs the 'Kyrie' from Jan Maklakiewicz's 'Polish Mass' (composed in 1944). The project took place at theHoly Trinity Evangelical-Augsburg Congregation in Warsaw. The performance is accompanied by the solemn, monumental sound of the organ. In creating their cacophonic composition, the deaf-mute children use means of expression until now completely unavailable to them. This is a raw recording, somewhere between documentary film, social action, and musical experimentation. Zmijewski: 'Listening to this, the effect is sonic chaos. The words come out deformed; the singers can't hear each other; some don't even know what sound is. And despite all that it is still music, music carrying the words of the Credo crumpled by deaf-mutes: "I b elieve in one God, in Thee, God the Father, Who created heaven and earth with thy thought..." The impossible becomes flesh, even though that flesh is weak and imperfect.' But, as Andrzej Wajs wrote in his review, God sees no difference between a choir of screaming cripples and the harmonious songs of the Concerto K├Âln.
('If it happened only once it's as if it never happened. Einmal ist keinmal', published by Zacheta National Gallery of Art Warsaw, Kunsthalle Basel, Hatje Cantz, 2005, pp. 120 - 121)

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