Catastrophe, 2010
Single channel video, 56.17 min. color, sound
Ed. of 3 (+ 1 AP + 1 EP)

With Artur Zmijewski's work "Catastrophe", we encounter the different views, opinions, places and facts about the air crash, in which Lech Kaczynski (1949 - 2010), former President of the Republic of Poland, and the accompanying Polish delegation were involved: nobody survived. Zmijewski records the reaction of the Polish people, shows the public mourning, speeches in parliament, television images, thoughts and opinions from citizens of Poland and even visits the sylvan spot on the Russian side, where the aircraft crashed into the ground with a destructive force. The spectator finds himself trapped within the difficulty of judging whether what happened to the president and his delegation is 'merely' a catastrophe or perhaps more like an assassination. The line between certainty and possible lie and the effects it has on the State as a maintainer of the collective order appears to be the central point in Zmijewski's work.

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