DUSIT (Bangkok Riot), 2015
Oil, paper, lacquer, asphalt, glass on canvas
140 x 160 cm (55 1/8 x 63 in.)

The large scale painting belongs to the series "Riots", based on unrest in the public space, that has been imprinted in the collective mind. The dark cityscape reveals a potential for violence below the colored layers and the city's architecture, and even the small lights cannot be determined, neither as remaining fire nor as the source of fire.

While the examination of light and darkness is significant for Boehm's work, his collage technique leads to an image surface, which is rich in texture and marked by the process of overpainting. Materials like asphalt, metal, sand and cloth let his paintings appear highly haptic. Boehm opposes the technically produced images of today with paintings of a material presence, which he believes to have a more direct access to the human consciousness.

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