Albanian Stories, 1997
Single channel video projection or monitor, color, sound, 7.08 min.
Ed. of 5 + 2 AP

My first video ”Albanian Stories” that I used like an introduction for "A Real Game”, was made after my arrival in Italy in 1997. Once in Italy I hear my daughter Jola telling stories to her dolls where war’s chronicles are mixed up with fairy-like fantasy. Her characters are a cow, a pig, a cat, a rooster and some obscured forces, international military forces. The characters play, they hear some shots, they see the flames, they regard the soldiers and then they go away, to Italy, leaving a granny cow that remains sad and alone.
"A Real Game" is a fiction game too, in spite of its almost documentary print. I pretend to be the teacher while my daughter plays the part of the pupil that tells her personal story. Even this video was originated by a family game. Behind the two characters there’s the hard reality of immigration.
In comparison with the first video, the child is more conscious of the difficulties and expressions as "Birth certificate”, "The Banks” and "Italian Embassy” etc. enter in her vocabulary. There is just one moment when her fantasy seems to be peaceful, it’s when I ask: ”But do you like Albania?” and she answers: ”Yes, because there are not so much cars as here, I can go to visit my friends, they can bring their toys...and then I have a big garden... I can invite them home, it’s better like that, it’s better like that”.

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