Cappella Pasolini (Pasolini's chapel), 2005
Installation, wood, metal, 1 bulb, 27 paintings, various sizes, acrylic on wood
390 x 300 x 320 cm

As homage to old times, sometimes Adrian breaks with video and returns to painting. During one of these returns 'Capella Pasolini' came to life. The anonymous multitude is represented with a delicate touch on painted canvases; a fragile sensibility permeates the series. Portraits, details and groups are depicted in the same spirit and colors as in the film, but from the selection Adrian has made it's not immediately recognizable that the scenes are from the film according to the gospel, and not even Jesus is very present in the series. The artist's attention has shifted to the anonymous, the commons, the "Others", the ones that are always in the background. Even though we don't see the other part of the equation, as it is contained within the film or the story, again transposition is at stake here. By taking them out of the filmic flow and immortalizing them through painting, their status changes: from more commonly being part of the background, the void, they have been rendered present; they have become a signifier...

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