Sue Proprie Mani, 2015
In collaboration with Roland Sejko
5 channel video installation, color, sound, 17.25 Min.
Italian with English subtitles
With facsimiles of 12 envelopes and 127 letters
Ed. of 5 (+ 2 AP)

At the end of the 2000s, the State Archive of Albania announced the discovery in its State Archives of two jute sacks labelled with the simple title: “Correspondence of Italian Citizens in Albania”. Hundreds of letters written between 1945 and 1946 separated from their envelopes and bundled together. They never reached their destinations… "We have no idea when they will send us home, if they will send us home...". Adrian Paci and Roland Sejko begin with these letters to create a multi-screen video installation, in which people appear and disappear, immersed in the dense twilight of a room. Perharps theey are the authors of the letters, perhaps they are the intended recipients, perhaps they are only witnesses; they are lost in thought while in the background we hear a voice pronouncing fragments from the unread letters.
The emotional and historical weight of this long forgotten event unfolds in a reflection on the theme of loss, of being uprooted, of the impossibility to communicate, of the eruption of History into personal destinies.

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