The Encounter, 2011
HD Video projection
Color, sound, duration: 22 min
Ed. of 6 (+ 2AP)

Exhibition view:
Adrian Paci "The Encounter", Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich, 2011
Photo: Thomas Strub

The video work „The Encounter“ shows a man, who places a chair in the middle of a public square. He takes a seat. Gradually, several hundred protagonists enter the square and approach the seated man in order to shake his hand. The simple and habitual gesture of the handshake is repeated so often that it transforms itself into a meaningful ritual. While the reason for the ceremonious meeting remains unknown, the encounter between the participants becomes charged with tension. A moment of connection occurs, not only between the persons, but also between the participants and the square, which is transformed into a stage. The video work was produced in the town of Scicli on Sicily.

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